Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Thing for the Ring

New England vs. Miami:

You may remember that last week I announced a raising of the intellectual level of the jumble, so this week, to compensate, I am lowering the level of taste. I expect the puzzle itself will prove easy enough to figure out, but the challenge is to get (in the sense of "understand") it. I know that I would not have got it a couple of hours ago, before I did some educational googling. On the bright side, perhaps you will be happier not understanding, expecially if you are a Miami fan (we won't think about Miami players).

But the jumble is just the means to an end, after all, and that it is to let you know in advance what's going to happen in the match, so that you may do something else with your valuable time. New England on top, in regulation. By a sharp point.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Division Finals

Boston vs. New England:

Life naturally gets tougher during playoff season but even so I think it fair to advise that I am raising the intellectual level of the jumble this week.

I think Boston is more likely to win on two of the top three tables at the T party than to lose one. That leaves Board Four which it may be Boston loses but, as always, "maybe" implies "maybe not". New England has waltzed through the season so far but tonight they're dancing with the stars. Boston.

Arizona vs. Miami:

We're down to the final four of November Niaiserie, bébé. While Miami has been here before, Arizona is here now. But Adamson had a marathon last week and it is highly gebrselassie that he'll be ready for another. In the long run, the sprinter has the edge. Miami.

                                                The artist in his studio

Monday, November 1, 2010

Division Semifinals

New England vs. New York:

The jumbled words all over the place represent my first attempt to thwart the "smart features" of the scanner that discourage it from scanning the entire document. It didn't work. However, adding the partial straight line on the right (that I have left in as evidence of my ingenuity) worked better. A tiny sliver of word balloon on the left was cut off, but I don't think that will thwart any of you (or just you, as the case may be).

As for the match, I'm picking New York. On the one hand, that's an insult to the Nor'easters, who have stampeded through the season thus far. But on the other, when they make the movie, they may base the character of "doubting prognosticator" on me, and then I'll clean up on consulting fees.

Late edit: To borrow an old Yermo joke, look for Al to be the hero.

Baltimore vs. Boston:

I don't know if I have to pick a winner, or if I can get away with just "to advance". But I don't expect any breaks from the world, so Boston to win. I'd be more specific as to why, but as David Pruess pointed out earlier this week, get too specific and you prevent what was going to happen from happening.

Miami vs. Chicago:

What a night the people will see. What a fight the people will see. Glory be.

Edit: It has been suggested to me that not everyone is up on the Billboard Hot 100 of 1974, or was it still "Your Hit Parade"? Anyway, the above paragraph means "Miami".

Arizona vs. Seattle:

All four matches today, because I do not want to get into lazy habits. Arizona, partly because Altounian is good at not losing, and partly just because.