Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Mixup with oh never mind

As always, or at least until next season (I'm a bit annoyed by some advertising-based changes in the site. On the other hand, thanks, website, for not having such problems until recently), a word is a word if and only if it is recognized as such by wordsmith.org. So, for instance, were you to be faced with the letters NEGLAB, then BENGAL would not be valid, because, I guess, it only modifies tiger and doesn't stand alone, except atop the AFC North.

If it happens (as it well may) by next year that I am forced to move again, one bright side might be the opportunity to reunite my scanner with all its component cables. Meanwhile, here is some Ron Young artwork, 2015 style:

Short of time this week, so I had to cut a few corners. Unfortunately, there were only four.

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