Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's That Time of Week

Apropos of nothing, let's imagine a famous painter, say da Vinci, had a condition that kept him from holding a brush straight. On the one hand, we'd have today less of an overall idea of what the real-life Mona Lisa looked like. On the other, though, we might have learned what was her most outstanding feature, what lived through the centuries, shone through faded paint, defied Parkinson's disease. We also would have a better idea of what was Leonardo's most essential quality as an artist. Oh well. Anyway....

Manhattan vs. New York:

Last week I explained how I felt it an admission of artistic failure for one to type in explanation of just exactly what it is he just drew or photographed. As an old friend used to say, I hate failure (his own, he meant. But I mean mine). Anyway, I refuse to fail this time. But I am happy to present the jumbles in two different media, neither one, in MY humble opinion*, inherently more artistic than the other.
St. Louis vs. Dallas:
How about that, I have MS Paint on this machine after all (I just found it). Nonetheless, I must share credit this week with the website .

Maybe I'll say more next week. Is there a week off for Thanksgiving? If so, in two weeks then there's a real good chance. But do make sure yourself, especially if you're a member of one of the finalist teams.

* I generally have no aversion to using extremely common internet abbreviations such as "IMHO", and they do save typing and space after all, but here I felt I needed to spell it out to fully get the humility across. Communication comes first.

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