Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Semifinal round

I'm curious about something: Are these drawings saved here in some format other than what you see when you click on "page source"? If Michelangelo were alive today, could he just type a random-looking string of characters on the Sistine Chapel ceiling and be venerated ever after?

By the way, the two this week were drawn on white paper. If I have to guess, it probably came from Staples, so thanks to them. Too bad about the Lakers this year.

St. Louis vs. Miami

I know this blog is titled "USCL predictions" but since I'm drawing these things, to put into words something like "I think St. Louis is the favorite" seems rather heavy-handed and frankly, inelegant. So I'll let the jumble speak.

Dallas vs. New York

Again, what with my official TD duties, to pick a winner in this match would not put hooves on me.

And now, after six or seven years, an innovation, suggested by long-time subscriber Elizabeth Spiegel of Brooklyn, New York: last week's answers! I tried to find a way to include a "spoiler" box but I have failed to find one so far that works in IE, so this time I will hide the answers in the "comments" section of this post.


Ron Young said...

Last week's answers:

tankard, thought, necktie-- (Becauth that'th the way...) TO GET KARTHIC.

banter, anther, mildew-- (Because she loves...) 'ER 'ERMAN WHITE.

notion, animus-- I, SO, AM NOT.

chalet, active, sneaky-- LEVY ATTACKS.

Ron Young said...

Ok, so they aren't really hidden but at least they're farther away.